Samuel Otigba

Treadler LTD

Area of Expertise 
Design, Business Development, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Testing & Refinement, Brand, PR & Marketing, Startup

I am a social entrepreneur with skills in interface design, strategic and digital marketing. I currently work as a Brand/Digital Marketing Specialist and advisory board member at the United Nation’s NGO, Youth Charter.
This is a part time role which I combine with running the social startup Treadler, which I co-founded. Treadler is a mobile app connecting friends through shared activities in real time. It launched in 2015 and has gone through several iterations as I try to build on its success.
I am passionate about giving back to my community and making an impact. In 2015, I worked with two other students on my MBA course to create an award-winning social enterprise in the Middle East called the Hemitnae project providing skills to underprivileged young people in Jordan.
I have a genuine desire to impact lives and hope to create many more social enterprise projects in my career