Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I still apply to the NE Makeathon?

A: No. Unfortunately at this time, you cannot apply to the NEMakeathon. The call for applications closed on January, 20, 2018.


Q: How do I know if I was selected?

A: All successful applicants have been reached. They were requested to provide further information for review.


Q: More information was requested of me. What next?

A: Those applicants who responded to our request for more information were invited to the NEMakeathon Pitch Event.


Q: What is a NEMakeathon Pitch?

A: The NEMakeathon Pitch is an event where selected NEMakeathon applicants will present their ideas/solutions to a group consisting of panelists and experts for their review of its relevance, feasibility and potential impact. From the pitch, 20 teams will be shortlisted. This successful 20 will be advanced to the next stage on the NEMakeathon.


Q: I was invited to the NEMakeathon Pitch. How do I get further update?

A: Congratulations! Updates are regularly provided via our contact channels: email – info@nemakeathon.org, website – www.nemakeathon.org, or on social media: Facebook – nemakeathonNG, Twitter – @nemakeathon, Instagram – @nemakeathon. You may also call +2348036449075 (Ahmad) or +2348073531624 (Mary)

Q:  Where does the NEMakeathon Pitch hold?

A: The NEMakeathon Pitch holds as follows: (1) ABUJA – February 24, 2018 (Ventures Park, 29 Mambilla Street, Aso-drive, Maitama, Abuja) (2) YOLA – March 3, 2018 (AUN Hotel, 228 Modibbo Adama Way, Yola, Adamawa State).


Q: I am unable to make the NEMakeathon Pitch dates but I applied as a TEAM. Can my team member represent me?

A: Sad that you cannot make the NEMakeathon Pitch dates. However, your team members can represent you provided their details were actually provided during the initial application.


Q: I was invited to the NEMakeathon Pitch, but I want to change the Idea I originally submitted. Can I?

A. Unfortunately NO. All applications were reviewed and selected based on the ideas submitted. Attempting to change the Idea originally submitted subjects the applicant to automatic disqualification.


Q: I was invited to the NEmakeathon Pitch. What do I need to bring to make my session outstanding.

A: A pitch basically provides a session to showcase your idea/solution, what efforts have been put into developing the idea, and the value the idea will offer. You may use presentations slides, demonstrations or other tools. We will make provision for projector screen, board and out-door space for housing your prototypes.


Q: How much time does every applicant have during a Pitch?

A: Each Applicant has 5 minutes to pitch, however, interaction sessions may span 10 minutes.


Q: What do I stand to benefit if I succeed at the NEMakeathon Pitch?

A: Each successful applicant of the NEMakeathon Pitch will have access to up to NGN1,500,000 to develop or refine their ideas.


Q: How many Winners are expected from the NEMakeathon?

A: Everyone is a Winner! However, the NEMakeathon seeks up to ten (10) solutions with at least one (1) solution to each of the six (6) challenge areas.