The Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub continues to seek partnerships and investment to expand and grow the network for the shared benefit of all stakeholders including the NEMakeathon teams, mentors, facilitators, partners, sponsors and friends across various interest groups. Some of the highlighted benefits to be gained from the incubation and induction into the NEMakeathon Network include:

  • Access to a wide network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives that share passion and drive and are ready to synergize, collaborate and grow.
  • Access to a broad network of mentors, facilitators and professionals providing specialized training in business, entrepreneurship, financial, technical and leadership in a life-long mentorship towards an integrated society with multi-layers support and feedback system.
  • Access to strategic partners and funding agents for all 25 Boot Camp Cohort Teams, who through their alliance with the Hub are ready to listen and invest in ideas.
  • Access to seed investment in the form of grants for the Top 12 Teams from the Northeast Hub and partners needed to refine and deploy solutions which better prepares teams for entry into the wider funding market.
    It is our hope that the critically acclaimed success of the NEMakeathon and launch of the Hub signals many more milestones to be crossed and frontiers to discover by the Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub as we continue to find innovative solutions to humanitarian and development challenges in Nigeria, Africa and the world.