Are you an entrepreneur, innovator, investor, inventor or creative mind?

Do you care strongly about social challenges and the struggle of others?

Would you like to be a part of something bigger than you that impact the lives of millions through innovation?

Sign up now for the North-East Innovation Makeathon!

The Makeathon is an exciting, creative and rigorous hands-on co-creating program initiated to crowd source and support brilliant and innovative ideas that can be developed to scalable solutions to the humanitarian challenges faced by the internally displaced persons and other affected persons in North East Nigeria.

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The Goals Mission And Objectives of the Makeathon

To start a process and develop an ecosystem of innovation close to conflict and natural disaster affected people by co-creating solutions with them and with humanitarian service providers to address the protection and assistance challenges that have remained so far neglected.

Why Participate

North-East Makeathon objectives

• Receive fund money for your solution
• Incubate your product
• Expand your network and connections
• Experience running a business

• Experience the spirit of innovation, from ideation to execution
• Have access to innovation facilities
• Get a global exposure


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The Beneficiaries of the Makeathon

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The makeathon is targeted at providing innovative solutions to the humanitarian challenges faced by IDPs and other affected persons living in the North East of Nigeria. The makeathon is focused on the bottom of the pyramid people affected by chronic humanitarian emergencies including IDPs, vulnerable sections of the population and people in remote inaccessible places.

Our goal is to at the end of the competition, come up with solutions that directly impact on the lives of the IDPs and bring about positive change within their communities as they begin the process of healing and reintegration in society.

We aim to achieve this by working side by side with representatives of the affected persons in each team, listen to their stories, understand their challenges and together be co-creators of the solutions through innovation and technology.

Phases of the Competition

14 Sept. 2017 - 21 Sept. 2017

Phase 1

Challenge Identification

25 Sept. 2017 - 4 Nov. 2017

Phase 2

Idea crowd sourcing; call for applications and screening of applications

12 Nov. 2017 - 24 Nov. 2017

Phase 3

Co-creation of prototypes and first round of de-selection

1st Dec. 2017 - 14 Dec. 2017

Phase 4

User testing and refinement

January 2018

Phase 5

Demo day

February - July 2018

Phase 6


Our Partners and Sponsors

How to Apply

Read through Challenges


You may also get ready a short clip (2MB or less) and picture(s) (4MB or less) of your idea or innovation to support your application. This will also be requested in the course of your application but it is optional

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